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Friday, March 20, 2015

Childrens Health: Longer breastfeeding linked with higher IQ ♦ Better breakfast, better grades ♦ New measures approved for childhood sleep apnea + more

New quality measures approved for childhood sleep apnea  A work group of physicians from across the United States has developed new quality measures for the detection and treatment of childhood obstructive sleep apnea , a potentially morbid, life-altering condition that affects hundreds of thousands of children and adolescents nationwide. Continue Reading
Some things hugs can't fix: Parental warmth does not remove anxiety that follows punishment  A loving mom can't overcome the anxiety and aggression caused by corporal punishment, and  her otherwise warm demeanor may make it worse, according to recent research Continue Reading
Better breakfast, better grades The connection between good nutrition and good grades has been reinforced by new research that finds that free school breakfasts help students from low-income families perform better academically Continue Reading
Schools using out-of-school suspension drug policy show increased likelihood of marijuana use  Schools where administrators report using out-of-school suspension to enforce drug policy and where students report low policy enforcement, regardless of the type of drug policy adopted, show an increased likelihood of marijuana use, according to new research. Schools that used abstinence-based prevention and those that counseled students about the dangers of marijuana use showed a lower likelihood of marijuana use. Continue Reading
Longer duration of breastfeeding linked with higher adult IQ and earning ability  Longer duration of breastfeeding is linked with increased intelligence in adulthood, longer schooling, and higher adult earnings, a study following a group of almost 3,500 newborns for 30 years Continue Reading

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