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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Health News: GMO apples and potatoes approved ♦ First blood test for osteoarthritis ♦ Power naps improve memory performance + more

GMO apples and potatoes pass FDA safety assessment  These GMO approvals aren’t exactly small potatoes. Two varieties of genetically engineered apples and six types of genetically altered potatoes offer just as much nutrition and as little safety risk as their conventional relatives Continue Reading
Scientists must reduce antibiotic use in experiments  Scientists should reduce antibiotic use in lab experiments. According to a new article, molecular biology and genetic research such as the Human Genome Project use antibiotics in experiments. But it all adds to the global problem of antibiotic resistance according Continue Reading
Review of global guidelines for sepsis needed  Experts are calling for a global review of guidelines used to diagnose sepsis, after a study found one in eight patients with infections severe enough to need admission to an Intensive Care Unit in Australia and New Zealand, did not meet current criteria. Continue Reading
First blood test for osteoarthritis could soon be available The first blood test for osteoarthritis could soon be developed, thanks to new research. The research findings could potentially lead to patients being tested for osteoarthritis and diagnosed several years before the onset of physical symptoms Continue Reading

Power naps produce a significant improvement inPower napsperformance Psychologists have shown that a short nap lasting about an hour can significantly improve memory performance. The study involved examination of memory recall in 41 participants. The volunteers had to learn single words and word pairs. Once the learning phase was over, the participants were tested to determine how much information they could remember. About half of the participants were then allowed to sleep, while the others watched a DVD. After that, the participants were re-tested and those who had taken a nap were shown to have retained substantially more word pairs in memory than the participants in the control group who had watched a DVD. Continue Reading

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