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Monday, March 16, 2015

Health News:Electronic cigarette vapors contain toxins ♦ What is hepatitis A and how does it spread? ♦ Treating blood cancers ♦ Plus More

What is hepatitis A and how does it spread?  While there is no treatment for hepatitis A, getting a vaccine and basic hand washing can help prevent the spread of the viral liver infection. Hepatitis A is a virus that spreads through contact with the vomit or feces of an infected person, often through contaminated food or drink .Continue Reading
Ethiopia’s First Fortified Wheat Will Improve Nutrition for Millions  This month marks a watershed moment in nutrition and food security in Ethiopia: For the first time ever, local producers will begin fortifying wheat flour with the vitamins and minerals children need to develop and adults need to thrive. Continue Reading
Why do cells rush to heal a wound? Mysteries of wound healing unlocked  A research team has discovered how cells know to rush to a wound and heal it -- opening the door to new treatments for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. . Continue Reading
New genome-editing technology to help treat blood cancers  A new genome editing technology has been developed that can target and kill blood cancer cells with high accuracy. Using the technology, researchers were able to kill human lymphoma cells by locating and deleting an essential gene for cancer cell survival Continue Reading
Electronic cigarette vapors contain toxins  On the heels of the Federal Drug Administration's (FDA) second public workshop to explore the public health considerations associated with e-cigarettes, researchers explore the composition of e-cigarette vapor and the potential health impacts of secondhand exposure.Continue Reading


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