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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Health News: No Ebola virus threat from legally imported African Foods ♦ Association between migraine & carpal tunnel ♦ Genetic attack against schistosomiasis + More

E.F.S.A.: No Ebola virus threat from legally imported African Foods  Raw foods that legally reach Europe, including plants, fruits, and vegetables, pose no risk of Ebola virus transmission, No human has ever been known to become infected with the Ebola virus from consumption of legally important foods into the European Continue Reading
Association between migraine, carpal tunnel syndrome found  Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome are more than twice as likely to have migraine headaches, reports a new study. Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome have symptoms such as hand numbness and weakness, resulting from pressure on the median nerve in the wrist Continue reading
Profound, debilitating fatigue found to be a major issue for autoimmune disease patients in new national survey  Fatigue is a major component of autoimmune disease research found. Fatigue described as "profound," "debilitating," and "preventing them from doing the simplest everyday tasks," is a major issue for autoimmune disease patients, impacting nearly every aspect of their lives Continue Reading
Genetic discovery may offer new avenue of attack against schistosomiasis  Researchers have discovered a group of genes in one species of snail that provide a natural resistance to the flatworm parasite that causes schistosomiasis, and opens the door to possible new drugs or ways to break the transmission cycle of this debilitating disease. It's been called a neglected global pandemic Continue Reading
Rapid testing for gene variants in kidney donors may optimize transplant outcomes
Kidney transplantation outcomes from deceased African-American donors may improve through rapid testing for apolipoprotein L1 gene renal risk variants at the time of organ recovery, according to a new study Continue Reading

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