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Friday, March 20, 2015

Health Research:Rise in adults living with cystic fibrosis ♦ Melatonin can help you get a good night's sleep ♦ green tea could help improve MRIs + more

Dramatic rise expected in adults living with cystic fibrosis  The number of people living with cystic fibrosis into adulthood is expected to increase dramatically by 2025, prompting calls for the development of adult cystic fibrosis services to meet the demand.Continue Reading
Melatonin can help you get a good night's sleep in a noisy environment  Using melatonin could provide more and better quality sleep compared to using an eye mask and earplugs in a simulated noisy and illuminated environment. This study was carried out on healthy subjects but could have future implications for intensive care unit patients.Continue Reading
How green tea could help improve MRIs  Green tea could have a new role -- to improve the image quality of MRIs. Scientists report that they successfully used compounds from green tea to help image cancer tumors in mice Continue Reading
Bacterial conversation counteracts antibiotic damage   Scientists have shown that bacteria living in the intestine both 'talk' and 'listen' to each other. Using small molecules in place of words, these microbial conversations changed the numbers of certain species of bacteria in the gut and started to restore the huge damage caused by antibiotic treatment.Continue reading
First stem cell-based approach to treat type 2 diabetes   A combination of human stem cell transplantation and antidiabetic drugs proved to be highly effective at improving body weight and glucose metabolism in a mouse model of type 2 diabetes. The findings could set the stage for clinical trials to test the first stem cell-based approach for insulin replacement in patients with type 2 diabetes.Continue Reading

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