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Monday, March 23, 2015

Health News: Hepatitis A case prompts upcoming vaccine clinic in PA ♦ New surgery methods reduces antibiotic resistance ♦ Life-saving treatments learned from war being missed + more

Hepatitis A case prompts upcoming vaccine clinic in PA  Officials in Erie County, PA, announced Sunday that two precautionary public health clinics are being held in response to a recent confirmed case of Hepatitis A in a worker at Casa-di-Pizza in Buffalo, PA. The purpose of the clinics is to prevent infection to anyone who may have been exposed. Continue Reading
Changes in surgery methods significantly reduces antibiotic resistance  A new study shows how changing working methods in surgery can significantly reduce bacterial resistance to antibiotics, while maintaining protection against infection and reducing costs by up to 60%. Continue Reading
Government anti-drinking messages irrelevant to young binge drinkers Government advertising campaigns to tackle excessive drinking are dismissed as irrelevant by young binge drinkers, because consuming extreme quantities of alcohol is part of their sub-cultural social identity, according to new research. Continue Reading
Life-saving treatments learned from war being missed Trauma is responsible for more global deaths annually than HIV, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Yet health care systems in many countries are missing out on life-saving treatments learned on the battlefield, according to a new review.Continue Reading
Attract and kill:' Trapping malaria mosquito moms before they lay eggs  In a world first, researchers have found that a naturally occurring chemical attracts pregnant malaria transmitting mosquitoes, a discovery which could boost malaria control efforts. The chemical, cedrol, found in mosquito breeding sites near Africa's Lake Victoria, could be used in traps that would 'attract and kill' the female mosquito, preventing reproduction before she lays hundreds of eggs. Continue Reading

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