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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Heart Research:Heart bypass surgery outperforms new generation stents ♦ Patients 80 years old benefit from aggressive treatment ♦ Healthy diet reduces risk of cardiovascular disease + more

Heart bypass surgery outperforms new generation stents Despite the advent of a new generation of stents, patients with multiple narrowed arteries in the heart who received coronary artery bypass grafting fared better than those whose arteries were opened with balloon angioplasty and stents Continue Reading
Acute coronary syndromes: Patients 80 years and older would benefit from aggressive treatment  Patients over age 80 with acute coronary syndromes would likely benefit from more invasive tests and therapies that may otherwise be denied them due to their age, according to research .Continue Reading
Frequency of blood tests in heart surgery patients may lead to anemia. Laboratory testing among patients undergoing cardiac surgery can lead to excessive bloodletting, which can increase the risk of developing hospital-acquired anemia and the need for blood transfusion, according to a new article. Continue Reading

Healthy diet reduces risk of cardiovascular disease by a third in over-40s  Men and women who adapt their daily diet to meet current UK dietary guidelines could reduce their risk of a heart attack or a stroke by up to a third. Those on the modified diet ate oily fish once a week, more fruit and vegetables, replaced refined with wholegrain cereals, swapped high-fat dairy products and meats for low-fat alternatives, and restricted their intake of added sugar and salt  Continue Reading

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