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Friday, March 20, 2015

Herbal Medicine:Herbal Products -- Contamination Is Common ♦ Herbal Products Missing Key Safety Info ♦ Herbal Medicines Can Be Lethal + more

Rising Demand for Herbal Medicine Can Increase Cultivation of Medicinal Trees Formalizing trade in herbal medicinal products has the potential to increase the demand for on-farm grown raw material and raise the level of cultivation of medicinal tree species in smallholder Continue Reading
Analysis of Herbal Products Shows Contamination Is Common Most herbal products, available to buy as alternative medicines, may be contaminated. Researchers demonstrate the presence of contamination and substitution of plant species in a selection of herbal  Continue Reading
Buyer Beware: Herbal Products Missing Key Safety Information  Many herbal remedies available over-the-counter in pharmacies and health food shops are still lacking important information needed for safe use, according to Continue Reading

Herbal Medicines Can Be Lethal, Pathologist Warns A forensic pathologist has sounded a worldwide warning of the potential lethal dangers of herbal medicines if taken in large quantities, injected, or combined with prescription.  Continue reading

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