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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Health News: Radioactivity found in Japanese tea ♦ E-cigarettes can be regulated now ♦ Reducing the risk of stroke + More

E-cigarettes can be regulated now without more research, expert says  A legal scholar and tobacco control expert says he has developed a research-based roadmap that allows for the immediate regulation of e-cigarettes. Continue Reading
Slight Radioactivity found in Japanese tea shipped to Hong Kong  Food safety authorities in Hong Kong found trace amounts of radioactive cesium 137 in powdered tea imported from Japan last week The sample tested at nearly one percent of the legal limit for radiation and was not considered a public health threat. Regardless, the importer voluntarily recalled the product.... Continue Reading
Inflammatory factor may play essential role in development of sepsis A new study finds that Interleukin-3, an inflammatory factor most associated with allergic reactions, has an important role in the overwhelming, life-threatening immune reaction called sepsis. Investigators found that the presence of IL-3 is essential to the development of sepsis in a mouse model and that IL-3 levels in human patients with sepsis are higher in those at greater risk of dying. Continue Reading
Folic acid supplementation among adults with hypertension reduces risk of stroke  In a study that included more than 20,000 adults in China with high blood pressure but without a history of stroke or heart attack, the combined use of the hypertension medication enalapril and folic acid, compared with enalapril alone, significantly reduced the risk of first stroke, according to a study Continue Reading
Hospital ratings on social media appear to reflect quality of care  A correlation between how hospitals are rated on Facebook's five-star system and how well they performed on a widely used measure of quality care has been uncovered by researchers. Social media has become an important way for institutions to communicate Continue Reading

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