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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Childrens Health; Parental education related to brain structure ♦ Kids allowed to 'sip' alcohol may-drinking earlier ♦ Video gamers may learn visual tasks more quickly

Family income, parental education related to brain structure in children, adolescents Characterizing associations between socioeconomic factors and children's brain development, a team of investigators reports correlative links between family income and brain structure. Relationships between the brain and family income were strongest in the lowest end of the econ
Score! Video gamers may learn visual tasks more quickly  Video games not only sharpen the visual processing skills of frequent players, they might also improve the brain's ability to learn those skills, according to a new study. Gamers showed faster consolidation of learning when moving from one visual task to the next than did non-gamers
Poor behavior linked to time spent playing video games, not the games played Children who play video games for more than three hours a day are more likely to be hyperactive, get involved in fights and not be interested in school, says a new study. It examined the effects of different types of games and time spent playing on children's social and academic behavior
Kids allowed to 'sip' alcohol may start drinking earlier Children who get a taste of their parents' wine now and then may be more likely than their peers to start drinking by high school, according to a new report. The findings are based on 561 Rhode Island middle school students who were surveyed periodically over three years. At the beginning of sixth grade (around age 11), almost 30 percent of students said they'd ever sipped alcohol. In most cases, their parents provided it--often at a party or other special occasion

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