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Friday, April 17, 2015

Great Britain: AMKO Foods recalls Pork Dripping with Jelly

AMKO Foods has recalled all packs of its Pork Dripping with Jelly because the manufacturer has not carried out appropriate shelf-life analysis. The ‘best before’ dates on the product may not be correct. The product is also not labelled with appropriate storage instructions to show that it should be chilled. The FSA has issued a Product Recall Information Notice.
The recalled product is:
Product: Pork Dripping with Jelly
Brand: AMKO
Pack size: 250g
‘Best before’ end: all dates
If you have bought the above product, do not eat it. Instead, return it to the store from where it was bought.
AMKO Foods has started a recall of the product. Point-of-sale notices will be sent to retail customers that bought the product, for them to display in store. These notices will tell consumers what actions to take if they have bought the product.

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