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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Health News: FDA, unauthorized health clams, unsafe food additives ♦ PCBs found in fat-rich fish ♦ The frightening facts about food outlets

Reports find safety gap in controls at milk plants   Gaps in safety controls at Irish milk-processing plants have been highlighted in a Food Safety Authority of Ireland report. The recent audit report found that the Department of Agriculture failed to notify its local veterinary office of repeated findings of antibiotic traces in milk This meant, follow-up
The frightening facts about food outlets More than two dozen schools principals are hospitalised and others are still falling ill from Salmonella poisoning, after eating at the Brisbane Convention Centre Microscopic view of Salmonella bacteria. Source: Supplied HUNDREDS of Brisbane restaurants, cafes, bakeries and caterers are operating below legal safety standards, risking
FDA  warning letters, unauthorized health clams, unsafe food additives, seafood hazards The latest round of warning letters from the FDA went out to major food manufacturer Post Foods, two seafood companies, a juice processor, and a beverage company allegedly found to be using an unsafe food additive. FDA found that Post Foods has mislabeled its Post Great Grains...
New evidence for how green tea, apples could protect health A new study that adds more to the growing body of evidence that certain compounds found naturally in foods have specific effects that help prevent chronic diseases. Researchers have uncovered a mechanism by which polyphenols in green tea and apples affect a key signalling molecule, which could explain other studies that have shown how polyphenol-rich foods reduce risks of chronic diseases
PCBs still found in fat-rich fish near Spain; Consumption linked to increased risk of cancer in males  Scientists have demonstrated that the exposure to a chemical pollutant called PCB-153 is positively associated to the risk of suffering from cancer in males. This agent, which has been banned in Spain since the 1980s, can still be found in some fat-rich food, such as large fat-rich fish (tuna, salmon, swordfish), since it is highly resistant to degradation

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