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Monday, April 13, 2015

Health News: Mission to Mars- When you land, can you stand? ♦ Prostate Cancer Detected by dogs over 90% accuracy ♦ Why allergies exist

Controversial Answer why allergies exist I lived to tell the tale: my hives subsided, leaving behind a lingering fear of hornets. But an allergy test confirmed that I was sensitive to the insects. The doctor said I might not be so fortunate the next time, handed me an EpiPen and told me to ram the syringe into my thigh if I was stung again. The epinephrine would raise my blood pressure, open my airway – and perhaps save
Raw cheesemaking expected to grow after new food safety rule change Australian cheese makers are making history in South Australia and on a small island off Tasmania's south coast. South Australian dairies may only account for 6 per cent of the nation's milk, but the state is home to three of the four existing raw milk cheesemakers in the country. Meanwhile on Tasmania's …
Prostate Cancer Detected by dogs over 90% accuracy  A study carried out by the Department of Urology at the Humanitas Clinical and Research Centre in Milan had two German Shepherds sniff the urine of 900 men, 360 of whom had prostate cancer and 540 who didn't. One dog was successful at identifying prostate cancer in 98.7 per cent of cases, while the other dog achieved 97.6 per cent accuracy.

You always want to be the last man standing, especially at NASA. Optimal functional performance, such as standing, is taken even more seriously when preparing for future missions to Mars and beyond. Learn why functional performance is important for astronauts and patients recuperating from long-term bed rest.

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