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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Health News: NASA: Synthetic Muscle Ready for Launch ♦ Radon in Pennsylvania homes--fracking ♦ Being underweight in middle age linked to dementia risk

NASA: Synthetic Muscle Ready for Launch NASA plans to send advanced material into space on Monday, April 13. The Synthetic Muscle™ has been developed to adhere to metal, and could be used in robotics in deep space travel such as travel to Mars because of its radiation resistance, "Based on the good results we had on planet Earth, the next step is to see how it behaves in a space environment,"
Increased levels of radon in Pennsylvania homes--fracking Researchers say that levels of radon in Pennsylvania homes -- where 42 percent of readings surpass what the U.S. government considers safe -- have been on the rise since 2004, around the time that the fracking industry began drilling natural gas wells in the state
Microbes disprove long-held assumption that all organisms share a common vocabulary Some microorganisms found in nature and not grown in the laboratory reinterpret the instructions coded into their DNA. Short segments of DNA that signal other organisms to stop adding building blocks or amino acids to a protein are instead interpreted as "add another amino acid,"
Nitric oxide joining oxygen and carbon dioxide in respiratory cycle Latest findings regarding nitric oxide have the potential to reshape fundamentally the way we think about the respiratory system. Scientific dogma has the respiration process involving only two elements -- oxygen and carbon dioxide. Recently published information demonstrates that nitric oxide is essential for the delivery of oxygen to the cells and tissues that need it.
Being underweight in middle age associated with increased dementia risk Middle-aged people who are underweight (with a Body Mass Index [BMI] less than 20 kg/m2) are a third more likely to develop dementia than people of similar age with a healthy BMI, according to new research.

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