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Friday, April 17, 2015

Health Research: Synthetic drugs that can cause cancer ♦ Exploring the ADHD-Autism link ♦ Protein that boosts immunity to viruses and cancer

Exploring the ADHD-Autism link A licensed clinical psychologist is focusing on the ADHD-autism link to better understand why people with ADHD and autism may be more prone to substance abuse and to develop more effective behavioral therapies
Scientists discover protein that boosts immunity to viruses and cancer Scientists have discovered a protein that plays a central role in promoting immunity to viruses and cancer, opening the door to new therapies. Experiments in mice and human cells have shown that the protein promotes the proliferation of cytotoxic T cells, which kill cancer cells and cells infected with viruses.
Difficult to break the soda habit? Sugar-sweetened beverages suppress body's stress response Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages can suppress the hormone cortisol and stress responses in the brain, but diet beverages aspartame do not have the same effect,.
Increasing evidence points to inflammation as source of nervous system manifestations of Lyme disease About 15 percent of patients with Lyme disease develop peripheral and central nervous system involvement, often accompanied by debilitating and painful symptoms. New research indicates that inflammation plays a causal role in the array of neurologic changes associated with Lyme disease. The investigators also showed that the drug dexamethasone prevents many of these reactions.
Synthetic drugs: evidence that they can cause cancer  Almost weekly, a new synthetic psychoactive drug comes onto the market that can be ordered legally and easily, for example as an incense blend, via the Internet. Synthetic cannabinoids are difficult to identify chemically and the possible unwanted toxic effects that can occur following their consumption have so far rarely been investigated. As part of the international EU project "SPICE II Plus", researchers have now also found evidence that synthetic substances damage the DNA of human cells and can therefore possibly have cancer-causing effects.

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