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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Health Research:Ebola vaccine effective in a single dose ♦ Insights for pain drug development ♦ Fountain of youth uncovered

Ebola vaccine effective in a single dose  Medical researchers have developed a quick-acting vaccine that is both safe and effective with a single dose against the Ebola strain that killed thousands of people in West Africa last year. During 2014, the outbreak of the West African Makona strain of Ebola Zaire virus killed nearly 10,000 and caused worldwide concern.
First look at 'wasabi receptor' brings insights for pain drug development  In a feat that would have been unachievable only a few years ago, researchers have pulled aside the curtain on a protein informally known as the 'wasabi receptor,' revealing at near-atomic resolution structures that could be targeted with anti-inflammatory pain drugs.
In first human study, new antibody therapy shows promise in suppressing HIV infection  In the first results to emerge from HIV patient trials of a new generation of so-called broadly neutralizing antibodies, researchers have found the experimental therapy can dramatically reduce the amount of virus present in a patient's blood.
Fountain of youth uncovered in mammary glands of mice, by breast cancer researchers The Fountain of Youth has been discovered, it was found in the mammary glands of genetically modified mice. A research team has found that when two factors that control tissue development are removed, you can avoid the impact of aging
Increase in inflammation linked to high traffic pollution for people on insulin  People on insulin living next to roads with heavy traffic had markedly increased concentration of C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation, compared to those living in lower traffic areas, a two-year epidemiological study has found. Individuals taking oral diabetes medications did not experience increases in CRP concentration.

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