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Sunday, March 1, 2015

3/1/15 Health News: Statins reduced risk of liver cancer ♦ Can coffee reduce your risk of MS? ♦ Type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease reversed in Rats ♦ Plus More

Statin use associated with reduced risk of liver cancer  In a nested-case control study of individuals living in the UK, a part of the world with a relatively low incidence of liver cancer, statin use is associated with a decreased risk of liver cancer Continue Reading
Can coffee reduce your risk of MS?   Drinking coffee may be associated with a lower risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS), according to a new study  Continue Reading
Type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease reversed in rats  A controlled-release oral therapy has been developed by scientists that reversed type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease in rats, according to a study. "Given these promising results in animal models of  type 2 diabetes we are pursuing additional preclinical safety studies to take this mitochondrial protonophore approach to the clinic" said the researchers.Continue Reading
African Americans who fled the South during great migration led shorter lives  Millions of African Americans moved from the South in the early 20th century to seek better job opportunities and higher wages, but a new study on the historic Great Migration shows that with improved economic conditions came a greater risk of mortality Continue Reading
GLP-1 secretion is reduced in overweight, pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes  The world's largest study looking at the secretion of the gut hormone GLP-1 has found that the secretion is reduced among overweight and obese people, people with pre-diabetes and newly diagnosed people with type 2 diabetes. Continue Reading

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