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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cancer Research; Chemo before breast cancer operation Improves results ♦ New breast cancer test ♦ Improving prostate cancer care ♦ Plus More

Chemo before breast cancer operation increases likelihood of breast-preserving procedure  Patients with larger malignant tumors of the breast who undergo chemotherapy before a breast cancer operation are more likely to opt for a breast-preserving procedure and forgo a mastectomy.Continue Reading
New breast cancer test links immune 'hotspots' to better survival  Scientists have developed a new test that can predict the survival chances of women with breast cancer by analyzing images of 'hot spots' where there has been a fierce immune reaction to a tumor. Researchers used statistical software to track the extent to which the immune system was attacking breast cancer cells.Continue Reading
Mitochondrial 'shield' that helps cancer cells survive identified Scientists have moved closer to understanding why cancer cells can be so resilient, even when faced with the onslaught of nearly toxic drug cocktails. A new research report shows that intermediate filaments formed by a protein called 'vimentin' or VIF, effectively 'insulate' the mitochondria in cancer cells from any attempt to destroy the cell .Continue Reading
New type of biomarker shows promise in improving prostate cancer care Two biomarkers have been discovered by researchers that may improve oncologists’ ability to predict which patients’ prostate cancer will recur after surgery, long before the development of visible cancer elsewhere in the body.Continue Reading

Healthy-looking prostate cells mask cancer-causing mutations Prostate cells that look normal under the microscope may be hiding genetic mutations that could develop into cancer, prompting new ways to improve treatment for the disease, according to research. "We're finding new ways to detect precancerous cells, and this will give us the tools to prevent them becoming a threat in the future. Continue Reading

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