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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hearth Health: Hot flashes at younger age signal greater cardiovascular risk ♦ Energy drinks raise resting blood pressure ♦ Risk of death from acute coronary syndrome + more

Hot flashes at younger age may signal greater cardiovascular risk  Women who experience hot flashes earlier in life appear to have poorer endothelial function -- the earliest sign of cardiovascular disease -- than women who have hot flashes later in life or not at all, Continue Reading
Women don't get to hospital fast enough during heart attack  Women suffering a heart attack wait much longer than men to call emergency medical services and face significantly longer delays getting to a hospital equipped to care for them, putting women at greater risk for adverse outcomes.Continue Reading
Have a sense of purpose in life? It may protect your heart  Having a high sense of purpose in life may lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, according to a new study.Continue Reading
Physicians, patients overestimate risk of death from acute coronary syndrome Both physicians and patients overestimate the risk of heart attack or death for possible acute coronary syndrome (ACS) as well as the potential benefit of hospital admission for possible ACS, a survey of patient and physician communication and risk assessment shows.Continue Reading
Energy drinks raise resting blood pressure, with effect most dramatic in those not used to caffeine  Healthy young adults who don’t consume caffeine regularly experienced greater rise in resting blood pressure after consumption of a commercially available energy drink — compared to a placebo drink — thus raising the concern that energy drinks may increase the risk of cardiac events Continue Reading

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