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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cancer Research: New potential drug for rare leukemia ♦ New bowel cancer screening ♦ Lethal prostate cancer can spread to other sites

Researchers develop new potential drug for rare leukemia A new drug that shows potential in laboratory studies against a rare type of acute leukemia has been developed by scientists. And additional studies suggest the same compound could play a role in prostate cancer treatment as well, they say.
Early stage non-small cell lung cancer patients with low tumor metabolic activity have longer survival  Low pre-surgery uptake of a labeled glucose analogue, a marker of metabolic activity, in the primary tumor of patients with stage I non-small cell lung cancer is associated with increased overall survival and a longer time before tumor recurrence. Patients with high labeled glucose uptake may benefit from additional therapy
Major increase in bowel cancer screening uptake shown with new screening test A large pilot study of a new bowel cancer screening test has demonstrated a major increase in participation rates across population groups. The new test is called a Fecal Immunochemical Test or FIT for short. In addition to being able to detect many more cancers and pre-cancers,
Lethal prostate cancer can spread from other metastatic sites, study affirms A new genomic analysis of tissue from patients with prostate cancer has added more evidence that cells within metastases from such tumors can migrate to other body parts
'Firefly' mechanism makes cancer studies more efficient, less expensive The mechanism that makes fireflies glow through a process called bioluminescence can be used to study tumor response to therapy as well, researchers have found. Bioluminescence has a major role in small animal research, and the technique has been widely applied in tumor models. The multiple tumor approach can also be used for high throughput screening

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