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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Health News:FDA withdraw approval for arsenic based drugs ♦ T-cell slow down run-away immune system ♦ Exercise outweighs harmful effects of air pollution

FDA to withdraw approval for arsenic based drugs used in poultry The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced Wednesday that it has received a letter of commitment from Zoetis Animal Health that, by this coming fall, the company will suspend the sale of Histostat (nitarsone) and formally request that FDA withdrew approval for the drug by the end of the year. Nitarsone is the only arsenic-based animal.
Newly enlisted T-cell 'policemen' can slow down run-away immune system Researchers have discovered that potentially aggressive T-cells that might lead to autoimmune disease can instead be enlisted to help "police" over-active immune responses, via the molecule CD5. This new breakthrough may open the door to design better treatments for autoimmune diseases
Exercise can outweigh harmful effects of air pollution The beneficial effects of exercise are more important for our health than the negative effects of air pollution, in relation to the risk of premature mortality.
Antibiotic resistance risk for coastal water users in UK Recreational users of coastal waters around the United Kingdom, such as swimmers and surfers, are at risk of exposure to antibiotic resistant bacteria, according to new research published this week.
Major hand hygiene problems in operating rooms observed 2,393 opportunities for hand disinfection and/or aseptic techniques were identified by researchers in a recent study. Doctors and nurses missed 90% of the opportunities, they report.

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