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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Pediatric Research: Nanoparticles may exploit tumor weaknesses ♦ Key mechanism identified in pediatric bone cancers ♦ Bleach linked to higher childhood infection rate

What can parents do to prevent the further spread of the measles?
A pediatric infectious diseases specialist helps explain the facts about measles, and how parents can prevent further outbreak. A recent outbreak of confirmed cases of measles involved children who were not vaccinated against the extremely contagious virus. While thought to be eradicated in the U.S., the illness has been traced to travelers who were infected in other countries.
A particular molecular pathway permits stem cells in pediatric bone cancers to grow rapidly and aggressively, according to researchers. In the study, the investigators used human and mouse osteosarcomas to pinpoint the molecular mechanisms that inhibit the tumor-suppressive Hippo pathway. The researchers concluded that Sox2 represses the functioning of the Hippo pathway, which, in turn, leads to an increase of the potent growth stimulator Yes Associated Protein, known as YAP, permitting cancer cell proliferation
Delving into the world of the extremely small, researchers are exploring how biodegradable nanoparticles can precisely deliver anticancer drugs to attack neuroblastoma, an often-deadly children's cancer.
Passive exposure to bleach in the home is linked to higher rates of childhood respiratory and other infections, suggests new research

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