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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cancer Research: Small RNA plays big role suppressing cancer ♦ Personalized melanoma vaccines ♦ New treatment options for colon cancer

Small RNA plays big role suppressing cancer The microRNA miR-22 has long been known for its ability to suppress cancer. However, questions remain about how it achieves this feat. For example, which molecules are regulating miR-22, and which are miR-22 targets? Researchers have unraveled some of these relationships, identifying several interactions that directly impact liver and colon cancer
Personalized melanoma vaccines marshal powerful immune response Personalized melanoma vaccines can be used to marshal a powerful immune response against unique mutations in patients' tumors, according to early data in a first-in-people clinical trial.
Body's cancer defenses hijacked to make pancreatic, lung cancers more aggressive A vital self-destruct switch in cells can be hijacked, making some pancreatic and non small cell lung cancers more aggressive, according to research. Researchers found that mutations in the KRAS gene interferes with protective self-destruct switches, known as TRAIL receptors, which usually help to kill potentially cancerous cells.
Dual therapy's 1-2 punch knocks out drug-resistant lung cancer Capitalizing on a rare opportunity to thoroughly analyze a tumor from a lung cancer patient who had developed resistance to targeted drug treatment, scientists identified a biological escape hatch that explains the resistance, and developed a strategy in mice for shutting it down
New treatment options for colon cancer An existing chemotherapy drug used to treat leukemia could prevent and control the growth of colorectal tumors, scientists have discovered

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