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Friday, July 31, 2015

Bacterial Research:Link between intestinal bacteria, depression found ♦ Atomic view of bacterial enzymes that help human digestion ♦ Treatment of relapsing bacterial infections

Link between intestinal bacteria, depression found The complex mechanisms of interaction and dynamics between the gut microbiota and its host have been illuminated by recent research. Data show that relatively minor changes in microbiota profiles or its metabolic activity induced by neonatal stress can have profound effects on host behavior in adulthood.
New research opens the door for treatment of relapsing bacterial infections A new discovery could put people with relapsing urinary tract infections (UTIs) on the fast track for a new therapeutic regimen. An estimated 150 million UTIs occur each year worldwide, accounting for $6 billion in healthcare costs, according to the American Urological Association.
Atomic view of bacterial enzymes that help human digestion A group of researchers has reached deep into the human gut, plucked out a couple enzymes produced by bacteria residing there and determined their biological activities and molecular structures -- details that should shed new light on how we digest many of the foods we eat.

Evolutionary war between microorganisms affecting human health Health experts have warned for years that the overuse of antibiotics is creating 'superbugs' able to resist drugs treating infection. Now scientists have found evidence that an invisible war between microorganisms may also be catching humans in the crossfire.

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