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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Health Research: Fatty liver disease helped by resistance training ♦ New material opens possibilities for super-long-acting pills ♦ Diabetes - TB link found

New material opens possibilities for super-long-acting pills Researchers have created a polymer gel that could allow for the development of long-acting devices that reside in the stomach, including orally delivered capsules that can release drugs over a number of days, weeks, or potentially months following a single administration.
Emergency transport times for stroke patients still in need of improvement Despite efforts to close the time gap between symptom onset and stroke treatment -- including improvements in public education, 911 dispatch operations, pre-hospital detection and triage, hospital stroke system development, and stroke unit management -- a new American study suggests that delays in emergency transport are still prevalent and that improvements are needed to ensure patients can be treated within the optimal time window.
Weight loss for a healthy liver Weight loss through both lifestyle modification and bariatric surgery can significantly reduce features of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, a disease characterized by fat in the liver.
Diabetes - TB link found in Australia Despite massive improvements in sanitation and antibiotic coverage over the last century, TB still remains the leading bacterial cause of death worldwide. A 20-year study has now found a strong link between diabetes and tuberculosis in tropical Australia.
Good news for people suffering from fatty liver disease: Resistance training can help Approximately 30% of the population suffer from fatty liver disease, the most common liver disease in the Western world. The disease can lead to inflammation and cirrhosis of the liver. A new study has found that gym training, and not only aerobic exercises, can help reduce liver fat

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