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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Children's Health: Born an addict: Clues from umbilical cords ♦ Grandparents' affection piling on the pounds ♦ Child paralysis outbreak:

Born an addict: Clues from umbilical cords Every baby born that enters this world, arrives with an umbilical cord in tow. For those babies born addicted to drugs, that umbilical cord is now a key connection -- a hard to hide clue -- for identifying what drugs are coursing through a newborn’s veins. The drug(s) detected will help physicians determine the best treatment and what withdrawal symptoms to expect.
What are the causes and effects of increased gaming in adolescent girls and boys? Technological innovations, multiple genres, online gaming and mobile apps have led gaming to become big business. Call of Duty Black Ops sold 1.4 million copies and registered 2.6 million Xbox Live players on launch day. Adolescents increasingly use gaming for a significant part of their leisure time. New research examines World Health Organization data on adolescent well-being collected from over 4,000 children aged 11-15 to determine why some adolescents gaming habits are escalating.
Grandparents' affection piling on the pounds in Chinese children Affection from grandparents towards their grandchildren may play a major role in contributing to the childhood obesity pandemic in China, new research reveals. Chinese children who are mainly cared for by their grandparents are more than twice as likely to be overweight or obese, compared with those who are mainly looked after by their parents .
Toddlers who chill in front of TV are at later risk of being victimized by classmates For young children, the number of hours spent watching TV at the age of 29 months correlates to the likelihood he'll be bullied in sixth grade.
Child paralysis outbreak: Different virus may be cause A mysterious outbreak of child paralysis cases previously linked to enterovirus D68 may instead have another cause, doctors are cautioning after determining that a stricken child appeared to be suffering from a different virus

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