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Friday, July 31, 2015

Health News: Six firms selling pesticide tainted imported produce ♦ Predict amount of nicotine emitted from e-cigarettes ♦ Cheaper, high-performance prosthetic knee

Six firms selling pesticide tainted imported produce The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has fined six companies that ignored warnings and repeatedly sold imported fruits and vegetables with illegal pesticide residues to predominantly ethnic minority customers. According to an agency statement released July 28, the fines range from $10,000 to more than $20,000 for violating pesticide laws and potentially endangering consumers....
When surgeons listen to their preferred music, their stitches are better and faster From classical to rock, music can be heard in operating rooms across the world. When plastic surgeons listen to music they prefer, their surgical technique and efficiency when closing incisions is improved.
Novel model developed to predict amount of nicotine emitted from e-cigarettes Researchers have developed the first ever, evidence-based model that can predict with up to 90 percent accuracy the amount of nicotine emitted by an electronic cigarettes.
Paralyzed men move legs with new non-invasive spinal cord stimulation Five men with complete motor paralysis were able to voluntarily generate step-like movements thanks to a new strategy that non-invasively delivers electrical stimulation to their spinal cords. The strategy, called transcutaneous stimulation, delivers electrical current to the spinal cord by way of electrodes strategically placed on the skin of the lower back. This expands to nine the number of completely paralyzed individuals who have achieved voluntary movement while receiving spinal stimulation.
Cheaper, high-performance prosthetic knee Researchers report that they have designed a cheap prosthetic knee that mimics normal walking motion. They have calculated the ideal torque that a prosthetic knee should produce, given the mass of the leg segments, in order to induce able-bodied kinematics, or normal walking

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