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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Food Research: Food safety expert explains food labels and their regulations ♦ Does salt cause thirst? ♦ Ice the overlooked product

Ice the overlooked  product Ice is food. Some food service operators and their employees take that fact for granted. They don’t take proper precautionary measures to handle the product properly or the necessary preventive maintenance measures to ensure that the ice machine is clean, sanitary and operating safely. Listed below are some best practices and questions to ask
Sitting time not associated with poorer diets in US adults Previously identified associations between TV viewing and a less healthful diet may stem from exposure to advertisements of high calorie foods and 'distracted eating' rather than the activity of sitting itself.
Food safety expert explains food labels and their regulations A food safety specialist explains some terms on food labels that are federally regulated and which lack a clear definition
Does salt cause thirst? It's really not all that certain Conventional wisdom contends that the consumption of salt makes us thirsty and therefore leads to increased drinking to restore the balance of minerals in the body. However, no correlation was found between salt intake and an increased sense of thirst or more drinking of water.

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