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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Brain Research:Yoga and chronic pain have opposite effects on brain ♦ Impact of video gaming on the brain ♦ Shut down signals involved in brain diseases

Concussion in former NFL players related to brain changes later in life In the first study of its kind, former National Football League (NFL) players who lost consciousness due to concussion during their playing days showed key differences in brain structure later in life.
Researchers discover new ways to shut down signals involved in brain diseases A research team has found new ways to block a pathway that may be responsible for several brain disorders, which could open the door to developing better treatments. Their work is focused on the protein NOS-1, which generates nitric oxide, a chemical signal that is linked to neurological disorders from neurodegeneration, stroke and chronic pain sensitivity to anxiety and depressive disorders.
Yoga and chronic pain have opposite effects on brain gray matter Chronic pain is known to cause brain anatomy changes and impairments, but yoga can be an important tool for preventing or even reversing the effects of chronic pain on the brain.
New light on impact of video gaming on the brain Video gamers now spend a collective three billion hours per week in front of their screens. In fact, it is estimated that the average young person will have spent some 10,000 hours gaming by the time they are 21. The effects of intense video gaming on the brain are only beginning to be understood. New research shows that while video game players exhibit more efficient visual attention abilities, they are also much more likely to use navigation strategies that rely on the brain's reward system.

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