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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Health Research: Obesity may exacerbate inactivity,due to poor motor skills ♦ New gene implicated in multiple sclerosis ♦ Sleep apnea linked to depression in men

New gene implicated in multiple sclerosis disease activity A new study reports the discovery of a genetic variant that is associated with a patient's likelihood of responding to interferon-beta. The study also presents evidence that the affected gene, SLC9A9, may have a broader role in regulating the development and activity of certain immune cells that play important roles in inflammatory diseases like multiple sclerosis.
Obesity may exacerbate inactivity, due to poor motor skills Obese adults have very poor motor skills which makes fine movements difficult for them. The findings suggest inactivity may not be a cause of obesity, but instead a result of poor motor skills associated with the condition.
Readmissions in severe sepsis are as common as those in heart failure and pneumonia Severe sepsis is a significant cause of rehospitalization along the lines of nationally recognized outcome measures and more commonly discussed conditions such as heart failure (HF) and pneumonia.
Modern lifestyles have famously made humans heavier, but, in one particular way, noticeably lighter weight than our hunter-gatherer ancestors: in the bones. Now a new study of the bones of hundreds of humans who lived during the past 33,000 years in Europe finds the rise of agriculture and a corresponding fall in mobility drove the change, rather than urbanization, nutrition or other factors

Sleep apnea linked to depression in men Severe obstructive sleep apnea and excessive daytime sleepiness are associated with an increased risk of depression in men.

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