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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Health News: Conagra agrees to pay $11.2 million for salmonella outbreak ♦ Bacteria may be lurking in your coffee machine ♦ Engineering digestive system tissues

Conagra agrees to pay $11.2 million for salmonella outbreak Omaha-based ConAgra Foods Inc. has reached a plea agreement with U.S. attorneys that will see its ConAgra Grocery Products Company plead guilty to a single misdemeanor violation of the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.
Harmful bacteria may be lurking in your single serve coffee machine There’s some bad news for coffee lovers brewing their morning joe with a single serve coffee maker According to a swab test conducted by KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, over 4 million colonies of harmful bacteria and mold was founding lurking in the water tank, coffee pod compartment, spout and tray on more than half of the 28 machines tested.
Researchers make progress engineering digestive system tissues New proof-of-concept research suggests the potential for engineering replacement intestine tissue in the lab, a treatment that could be applied to infants born with a short bowel and adults having large pieces of gut removed due to cancer or inflammatory bowel disease.
Lives could be saved with hepatitis C treatment A research team is asking for hepatitis C virus patients to gain improved access to drugs to prevent liver related deaths. Hepatitis C virus infection is a major public health burden in Australia, with estimates of 230,000 people chronically infected. The research team is calling for the government to subsidise a new therapy which has high cure rates, known as direct acting antiviral therapy.

Nanomaterials in sunscreens and boats leave marine life vulnerable Nanomaterials commonly used in sunscreens and boat-bottom paints are making sea urchin embryos more vulnerable to toxins, according to a new study. The authors said this could pose a risk to coastal, marine and freshwater environments.

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