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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cancer Research:Treatment in melanoma patients improves survival ♦ First all pencil-beam proton center in US ♦ treatment in melanoma patients improves survival

Proton therapy has fewer side effects in esophageal cancer patients New research has found that esophageal cancer patients treated with proton therapy experienced significantly less toxic side effects, including nausea, blood abnormalities and loss of appetite, than patients treated with older radiation therapies
Results reported at first all pencil-beam proton center in US America's first and only proton therapy center to treat patients exclusively with pencil-beam scanning is reporting exceptional results in delivering cancer treatment since opening for patient care just more than a year ago.
Surgery followed by ipilimumab treatment in melanoma patients improves survival A study has demonstrated that a drug called ipilimumab improves the relapse-free survival of advanced stage melanoma patients rendered free of disease surgically but at high risk for relapse. Ipilimumab is approved for the treatment of melanoma that cannot be surgically removed or that has metastasized to different sites.
Molecule designed to treat lung cancer shows promising results in mice A new therapy for lung cancer, the most common cancer worldwide, has been identified by researchers. The team's study primarily focuses on lung cancer, yet further studies are ongoing in multiple cancer types, including breast cancer, prostate, sarcoma and colorectal cancer
New portable device could test how 'squishy' cancerous tumors are A new device will test a tumor's squishiness (Young's modulus), providing clinicians insight into how best to treat it. Preliminary testing has found that in general, more aggressive tumors are stiffer, but the complex relationship will require more research.

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