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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Health News:Campylobacter cases linked to raw milk ♦ Zero tolerance for pesticide in baby food ♦ DNA: Expanding code of life with new 'letters'

Several Campylobacter cases linked to raw milk Campylobacter cases have been reported in several children younger than 2. Some of the cases have been linked to drinking unpasteurized, or raw, milk. Bacteria such as E. coli O157, Campylobacter and Salmonella can contaminate milk  
New Zealand group seeks zero tolerance for pesticide in baby food A petition seeking zero tolerance for pesticide residues in baby food was discussed Friday by a committee of the New Zealand parliament, but members reportedly took no action on it. The Safe Food Campaign, which is sponsoring the petition, noted that the European Commission has mandated no detectable pesticide levels.
America's research funding squeeze imperils patient care Constraints in federal funding, compounded by declining clinical revenue, jeopardize more than America's research enterprise. These twin pressures have created a "hostile working environment" that erodes time to conduct research, "discourages innovative high-risk science" and threatens to drive scientists out of the field. And this in turn undermines patient care.
Hallucinations and delusions more common than thought Scientists have found that hearing voices and seeing things (that others cannot) impacts about 5 percent of the general population during their lives.
DNA: Expanding code of life with new 'letters' The DNA encoding all life on Earth is made of four building blocks called nucleotides, commonly known as 'letters,' that line up in pairs and twist into a double helix. Now, two groups of scientists are reporting for the first time that two new nucleotides can do the same thing -- raising the possibility that entirely new proteins could be created for medical uses.

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