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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cancer Research: Unemployment linked to rise in prostate cancer deaths ♦ Contraceptive, cholesterol-lowering drugs used to treat cancer ♦ Oral cavity cancer survival

Best treatments for uncommon kidney cancers A head-to-head comparison of two biologic therapies used to treat a subset of patients with advanced kidney cancers provides much-needed clarity on the preferred treatment for the first line of attack. Research focused on three forms of non-clear cell kidney cancers: metastatic papillary, chromophobe or unclassified. The patients were randomly assigned to receive one of the two approved treatments that are typically used, everolimus or sunitinib
Signaling pathway revealed through which a promising anti-leukemic drug kills cancer cells Due to overwhelming evidence of their effectiveness in mice, inhibitors of the leukemia protein BRD4, including the drug JQ1, moved into clinical trials starting in 2013. There are 12 trials targeting BRD4 in progress. Last year, clinical trial findings indicated that an oral inhibitor of BRD4 similar to JQ1 had led to complete remission in some patients
Treatment factors associated with oral cavity cancer survival The surgical procedure known as neck dissection to remove lymph nodes and receiving treatment at academic or research institutions was associated with improved survival in patients with stages I and II oral cavity squamous cell cancert.
Unemployment linked to rise in prostate cancer deaths The knock-on effects of the economic downturn have been explored in economy and psychology. Now researchers are examining the effects of unemployment on cancer mortality.
Contraceptive, cholesterol-lowering drugs used to treat cancer The combination of a cholesterol-lowering drug, Bezafibrate, and a contraceptive steroid, Medroxyprogesterone Acetate, could be an effective, non-toxic treatment for a range of cancers.

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