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Monday, July 6, 2015

Health News: Fake rice in Philippines ♦ Dementia sufferers benefit from GPS ♦ Researchers test fecal transplantation to treat ulcerative colitis ♦ Stopping Candida in its tracks

Fake rice triggers call for safety nets As government agencies are  finding it  difficult to  pinpoint  the source of fake rice, Malacanang  has warned  the public   to be careful in  buying  the staple  and to purchase only from accredited and reliable stores.  Senator Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero also called for the convening of the food safety regulation coordinating board whose members will have to  map out plans
Documenting how dementia sufferers benefit from GPS A brand new study of 200 dementia sufferers in Norway reveals that almost all experience greater peace of mind and increased levels of physical activity using GPS devices.
Stretchy mesh heater for sore muscles If you suffer from chronic muscle pain a doctor will likely recommend for you to apply heat to the injury.  But how do you effectively wrap that heat around a joint? Now scientists have come up with an ingenious way of creating therapeutic heat in a light, flexible design.
Stopping Candida in its tracks Scientists are one step closer to understanding how a normally harmless fungus changes to become a deadly infectious agent.
Researchers test fecal transplantation to treat ulcerative colitis A research team recruited 75 patients with a flare up of their ulcerative colitis and randomized them to fecal transplant therapy given as an enema derived from stool donated by an anonymous healthy donor, and placebo.

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