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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cardiovascular Research: Depression may double stroke risk ♦ hand-grip strength predicts heart attack and stroke risk ♦ Molecular switch that promotes heart cell maturation

Long-term depression may double stroke risk despite treatment Long-term depression may double the risk of stroke for middle-aged adults, research suggests. The scientists add that reducing symptoms of depression may not immediately reduce the elevated stroke risk
Testing hand-grip strength could be a simple, low-cost way to predict heart attack and stroke risk Weak grip strength is linked with shorter survival and a greater risk of having a heart attack or stroke.
Revolutionary discovery could help tackle skin, heart conditions An important discovery about how certain cells stick to each other to form tissue has been made by scientists. The team studied how cells in the skin and heart are bound together through structures called desmosomes. They wanted to understand how these junctions between the cells in the tissue are so strong
Molecular switch that promotes heart cell maturation discovered The difficulty in getting stem cells to mature into more adult-like heart cells has hindered the search for regenerative treatments for hearts damaged by disease. A molecular switch has now been discovered that appears to help embryonic heart cells switch from a glucose to fatty acid based metabolism, becoming larger, stronger, and acting like more mature heart cells. This discovery may lead to lab methods to grow heart cells that function more like those in adult hearts.

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