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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cardiovascular Research: Hip strengthening might ease pain of clogged leg arteries ♦ New cause discovered for arterial stiffness ♦ Computer for acute stroke detection

Hip strengthening might ease pain of clogged leg arteries Exercise to strengthen hip flexor muscles may increase how far some patients can walk without calf pain. Gait analysis reveals that people with clogged leg arteries use calf muscles to compensate for weakness of certain hip muscles
Dexamethasone May Help Prevent Severe Kidney Injury Following Heart Surgery Acute kidney injury can be a serious complication following heart surgery. Patients who received dexamethasone during heart surgery had about a 2.5-times lower risk of developing kidney failure requiring dialysis compared with those receiving a placebo. The greatest benefits of dexamethasone were seen in patients with pre-existing advanced chronic kidney disease.
New cause discovered for arterial stiffness, a contributor to cardiovascular disease Previous studies of aortic stiffness have focused on changes in structural proteins that alter the properties of vascular walls causing them to become rigid. Now, researchers have determined that smooth muscle cells, which line the interior of vascular walls, are a major contributing factor to vascular stiffness, one of the major causes of hypertension.
Novel computer intelligence system for acute stroke detection Medical researchers have developed a novel computer-aided detection system for acute stroke using computer intelligence technology. The detection accuracy is 90%, which is as high as that conducted by specialists, but at a much reduced time from 10-15 minutes to 3 minutes.

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