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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Childrens Health: Decision-making in HPV vaccination ♦ Implicates immune system in Rett syndrome

Parents' decision-making in HPV vaccination of daughters Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a leading cause of sexually transmitted diseases, with more than 70% of sexually active people getting the virus at least once in their lifetimes. Persistent infection with some HPV strains can lead to cervical cancer, the second most common cancer in women, as well as to head-and-neck and other types of cancer and anogenital warts in both men and women.
For children with autism, trips to the dentist just got easier Adjusting the environment of a dentist's office can make routine cleanings less stressful for children with autism, research shows. Children with autism spectrum disorders -- as well as some typically developing children -- often show heightened responses to sensory input and find these sensations uncomfortable. As such, the dental office, with its bright lights, loud sounds from the dental equipment, and touch of children in and around the mouth, present particular challenges for such children
Losing streak: Competitive high-school sports linked to gambling High-schoolers involved in competitive sports are at an elevated risk of addictive gambling. According to research, the participation of male high-school students in competitive sports is associated with problem gambling and gambling frequency, and female students who participate in competitive sports are at a higher risk of gambling frequency
New research implicates immune system in Rett syndrome The immune system plays an unsuspected and surprising role in the progression of Rett syndrome, a severe neurological disorder affecting children. Rett syndrome is is caused primarily by mutations in the gene encoding for MeCP2, an important epigenetic regulator. Children with the disorder appear to develop normally but begin to lose acquired cognitive and motor skills at 6 to 18 months of age as symptoms start to show. As they age, they are unable to acquire verbal skills and suffer from lack of motor control.

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