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Friday, May 1, 2015

Childrens Health: First six months best for stimulating heart growth ♦ Childhood obesity ♦ Watching cartoons helps children undergoing immunization

First six months best for stimulating heart growth, The optimal window of time to stimulate heart muscle cell regeneration in humans is the first six months of life. The drug neuregulin is currently under investigation as a drug treatment for heart failure
Watching cartoons helps children undergoing immunization Watching cartoons can reduce pain and distress in children undergoing immunization before, during and after the procedure. Results showed that levels of distress were lowered in children distracted with cartoons.  Children younger than seven years typically report more distress and pain than older children.
Healthy children's menu items tied to healthier ordering patterns, sustained restaurant revenue The first study of its kind evaluating ordering patterns of children’s meals when provided with healthier menu items and changes in restaurant revenues shows potential for both improved children’s health and restaurant growth. This study shows promise for other restaurateurs looking to promote healthy eating among children.
Childhood obesity:One epidemic or two? Scientists have compared data on contemporary children with those of the 1980's. They discovered that the rise in obesity among very young children has been largely restricted to the minority with obese parents. Toddlers as a whole have not changed. By contrast, obesity among adolescents has not been restricted to those with obese parents.

Researchers develop new computer-based vision screening test for young children Many eye disorders in young children are asymptomatic and may remain undetected. Since effective treatments are available for many of those conditions, early identification is critical to prevent permanent vision problems. A new report describes the effectiveness of a new computer vision-screening test, which is suitable for use in schools and pediatrician's offices.

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