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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Health News: 5 kinds of French goat cheese contaminated ♦ Bioprinting in 3-D:could regenerate nerve cells ♦ Protein linked to binge-drinking behavior

Hong Kong: 5 kinds of French goat cheese contaminated with Salmonella The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department today (May 13) urged the public not to consume certain batches of five kinds of goat cheese from raw milk, imported from France, as the products contaminated with salmonella.
Brain protein linked to binge-drinking behavior Scientists have discovered that a brain protein has a key role in controlling binge drinking in animal models.Binge drinking puts people at greater risk for health problems such as cardiovascular disease, liver disease and nerve damage.
Bioprinting in 3-D could regenerate nerve cells Researchers are working on 3-D bioprinting synthetic tissue that could help regenerate nerve cells in the spinal cord..
Not just a flavoring:' Menthol, nicotine combined desensitize airway receptors Menthol acts in combination with nicotine to desensitize the type of nicotinic receptors found in lungs and airways that are responsible for nicotine's irritation, say researchers. They say their findings suggests menthol is not just a flavoring, but has an important pharmacologic effect.
Healing plants inspire new compounds for psychiatric drugs Treatments used by traditional healers in Nigeria have inspired scientists to synthesize four new chemical compounds that could one day lead to better therapies for people with psychiatric disorders.
Gene responsible for hypertension, brachydactyly identified Individuals with a newly discovered altered gene have hereditary hypertension and a skeletal malformation, brachydactyly type E, which is characterized by unusually short fingers and toes, scientists report. The effect on blood pressure is so serious that -- if left untreated -- it most often leads to death before age fifty.

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