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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Health Research: Educating the immune system to prevent allergies ♦ New form of inherited blindness discovered ♦ Sound waves diagnosing minor fractures

Findings reveal clues to functioning of mysterious 'mimivirus' Researchers have discovered the structure of a key protein on the surface of an unusually large virus called the mimivirus, aiding efforts to determine its hosts and unknown functions. The mimivirus was initially thought to be a bacterium because it is much larger than most viruses
Computerized vital signs analysis may help prevent trauma patients from bleeding to death A research team has successfully field tested a system that analyzed patient vital signs during emergency transport in a fully automated fashion, finding that such a system could diagnose those with life-threatening bleeding before they arrive at the hospital, potentially saving lives.
Sound waves could be viable alternative in diagnosing minor fractures A study has been conducted of the usefulness and efficiency of portable ultrasound in detecting the presence of minor fractures in patients presenting to a minor injuries unit. Analysis showed that 85% of patients with a fracture confirmed by X-ray had injuries detected through ultrasonography. The authors say emergency clinicians could rule in fractures by studying the ultrasound images
New form of inherited blindness discovered Scientists have discovered that mutations in the gene DRAM2 cause a new type of late-onset inherited blindness. The research describes individuals from five families with a variety of DRAM2 mutations, all of which lead to loss of central vision beginning at age 30-40.

Educating the immune system to prevent allergies With the arrival of spring, millions of people have begun their annual ritual of sneezing and wheezing due to seasonal allergies. A research team is bringing them hope with a potential vaccine that nudges the immune response away from developing allergies. The findings have major clinical implications since allergies and asthma often start in childhood and for which there is presently no cure.

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