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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Health Research: New strategies to control diabetes ♦ Who benefits from a catheter -- and who doesn't? ♦ Chickenpox virus can cause a stroke in an HIV patien

Chickenpox virus can cause a stroke in an HIV patient Varicella-zoster virus causes chickenpox in children and shingles in older adults. The virus typically remains dormant in patients with healthy immune systems, but can reactivate. Patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can, in rare cases, experience bleeding on the brain that causes a type of stroke called intracerebral hemorrhage.
Who benefits from a catheter -- and who doesn't? New guide aims to protect patients What's the only thing worse than having a urinary catheter when you're in the hospital? Having one and getting a urinary tract infection -- or worse -- as a result. A new detailed guide gives doctors and nurses information to help decide which hospital patients may benefit from a urinary catheter.
Redesigned systems may increase access to MRI for patients with implanted medical devices New technology may extend the benefits of magnetic resonance imaging to many patients whose access to MRI is currently limited. A redesign of the wire at the core of the leads that carry signals between implanted medical devices and their target structures significantly reduces the generation of heat that occurs when standard wires are exposed.
Molecular link between high glucose, metabolic disease may offer new strategies to control diabetes Scientists say they've discovered a cause-and-effect link between chronic high blood sugar and disruption of mitochondria, the powerhouses that create the metabolic energy that runs living cells. The discovery sheds light on a long-hidden connection and could lead to new ways of preventing and treating diabetes.
Online training can teach psychotherapists evidence-based treatments, Psychotherapy treatments can lag years behind what research has shown to be effective because there simply are not enough clinicians trained in new methods. A new study proposes one solution to the problem. The findings show that employing online training programs to teach psychotherapists how to use newer evidence-based treatments.

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