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Friday, May 8, 2015

Women's Health: Uterine cooling can reduce C-section blood loss ♦ New intervention helps mothers address depression ♦ Migraines, hormones, pre-eclampsia increased strokes for women

Uterine cooling can reduce C-section blood loss, A never-before-seen childbirth technique could help a woman's body heal itself through temperature changes.Researchers have found that cooling a woman's uterus after a C-section can dramatically reduce postpartum blood loss.
Women hospitalized 60 percent more than men after emergency asthma treatment Women with acute asthma who are treated in the emergency department are 60 percent more likely than men to need hospitalization.A number of reasons for their findings, including altered perception of airflow obstruction, potential influences of female sex hormones, differences in bronchial hyper responsiveness and health behaviors.
New intervention helps mothers address depression A new intervention has been developed that identifies potentially depressed mothers and encourages them to seek treatment. The Motivating our Mothers (MOM) program takes a unique approach, relying on pediatricians for diagnosis.
Migraines, hormones, pre-eclampsia, lifespan all feature in increased strokes for women Each year, around 55,000 more women than men will have a stroke. Longer lifespans, pregnancies and hormones all contribute to the disparity, as do illnesses that tend to strike women more frequently.
ACP releases advice for the proper time, test, and interval for cervical cancer screening Clinical advice has been presented aimed at reducing overuse of cervical cancer screening in average risk women without symptoms.Physicians should start screening average risk women for cervical cancer at age 21 once every three years with cytology tests alone. Physicians may use a combination of cytology and HPV (human papillomavirus) testing once every five years in average risk women age 30 and older who prefer screening less often than every three years.

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