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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Health News: 113 sick from cyclospora outbreak ♦ Killer sea snail a target for new drugs ♦ Discovery points to a new path toward a universal flu vaccine

Elastic gel to heal wounds A team of bioengineers has developed a new protein-based gel that, when exposed to light, mimics many of the properties of elastic tissue, such as skin and blood vessels. They now report on the new material's key properties, many of which can be finely tuned, and on the results of using the material in preclinical models of wound healing.
Discovery points to a new path toward a universal flu vaccine The conventional flu vaccine protects only against a few specific strains of flu. However, experiments show that by including modified antibodies within the vaccine it may be possible to elicit broad protection against many
113  sick in Texas cyclospora outbreak no food id'd yet A recent surge in reports of illnesses due to the parasite Cyclospora  has prompted the Texas Department of State Health Services to investigate the infections in hopes of determining a common source.
How dengue virus adapts as it travels, increasing chances for outbreaks A research group is the first to explain the mechanisms that the Dengue virus has developed to optimize its ability to cause outbreaks as it travels across the globe to new places and revisits old ones.

Killer sea snail a target for new drugs Pain treatment researchers have discovered thousands of new peptide toxins hidden deep within the venom of just one type of Queensland cone snail. Researchers hope the new molecules will be promising leads for new drugs to treat pain and cancer.

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