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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Health News: Jeni’s Ice Cream finds source of Listeria ♦ Search engine self-diagnosis and 'cyberchondria ♦ Treating gum disease reduces prostate symptoms

Jeni’s Ice Cream finds source of Listeria In an update posted Wednesday from John Lowe, CEO of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, he said that swab testing had found Listeria on the spout of one machine in the company’s production kitchen in Columbus, OH.
Dr Google' doesn't know best: Search engine self-diagnosis and 'cyberchondria' Research is aiming to improve search engines after finding online self-diagnosis of health conditions provides misleading results that can do more harm than good.
Interferon-free therapy clears hepatitis C in 93 percent of patients in trial A 12-week dose of an investigational three-drug hepatitis C combination cured the virus in 93 percent of patients with liver cirrhosis who hadn't previously been treated. For most of the past 20 years, therapies for hepatitis C relied on interferon drugs, which require regular injections for as long as one year and trigger miserable, flu-like side effects that prompt many patients to quit the regimen.
How relaxation response may help treat two gastrointestinal disorders Participating in a nine-week training program including elicitation of the relaxation response had a significant impact on clinical symptoms of the gastrointestinal disorders irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease and on the expression of genes related to inflammation and the body's response to stress
Treating gum disease reduces prostate symptoms Treating gum disease reduced symptoms of prostate inflammation, called prostatitis, report researchers. Previous studies have found a link between gum disease and prostatitis, a disease that inflames the gland that produces semen. Inflammation can make urination difficult.

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