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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Health News: A tale of two recalls: Blue Bell and Jeni’s Ice Cream ♦ Shale-drilling additives in drinking-water ♦ Link between diabetes, Alzheimer's found

A tale of two recalls: Blue Bell and Jeni’s Ice Cream It was the best of times, it was the worst of times … ” So begins “A Tale of Two Cities,” the famous novel by Charles Dickens about events leading up to the French Revolution. While two recent ice cream recalls pale in their relative significance to world history, they loom large in the world of food...
Shale-drilling additives in drinking-water taps near leak, new technique shows Substances commonly used for drilling or extracting Marcellus shale gas foamed from the drinking water taps of three Pennsylvania homes near a reported well-pad leak.
Study finds inhibitor for COPD lung destruction  Observations in patients and experiments in mice provide evidence that cigarette smoke reduces expression of the protein NLRX1 in the lung, taking the restraints off a destructive immune response that results in COPD. The researchers hope that pinpointing the protein's role could lead to improved COPD risk assessment, diagnostics, and treatment.
Primary care visits available to most uninsured, but at a high price Uninsured people in the United States don't have any more difficulty getting appointments with primary care doctors than those with insurance, but they get them at prices that are likely unaffordable to a typical uninsured person.
New link between diabetes, Alzheimer's found A unique connection between diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease has been uncovered by researchers, providing further evidence that a disease that robs people of their memories may be affected by elevated blood sugar.

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