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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Health Research: Asthma test underutilized by physicians, ♦ How does a mobile DNA sequence find its target? ♦ Clingfish could inspire better medical devices

Puget Sound's clingfish could inspire better medical devices Researchers are looking at how the biomechanics of clingfish could be helpful in designing devices and instruments to be used in surgery and even to tag and track whales in the ocean. Clingfish are considered one of the world's best suction cups,
Detecting knee-cushion problems early could lead to better treatments The menisci, best known as the shock absorbers in the knee, help disperse pressure, reduce friction and nourish the knee. Now, new research shows even small changes in the menisci can hinder their ability to perform critical knee functions.
How does a mobile DNA sequence find its target? To understand how transposable elements shape genomes, where they are maintained over generations, it is vital to discover the mechanisms behind their targeted integration. Researchers have identified an interaction between two proteins that is essential for the integration of a transposable element into a specific area of the yeast genome.
Revolutionary method of making RNAs Scientists -- and ultimately patients -- could benefit from a new approach to making ribonucleic acids.
Cost-effective expert recommended asthma test underutilized by physicians For the first time, researchers have found that spirometry was underutilized for asthma diagnosis and management in US,despite its accuracy, cost effectiveness. Spirometry is a common test that allows physicians to determine how well a person's lungs work by measuring how much air is inhaled and exhaled as well as how quickly the air is exhaled.

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