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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cancer Research: Nanospheres shield chemo drugs ♦ Chemotherapeutic coatings enhance tumor-frying nanoparticles ♦ Cancer discovery links experimental vaccine

Lung cancer patients who stop smoking live longer Tobacco cessation provided significant survival benefit for lung cancer patients who quit smoking shortly before or after diagnosis, despite the severity of the disease.
Chemotherapeutic coatings enhance tumor-frying nanoparticles In a move akin to adding chemical weapons to a firebomb, researchers have devised a method to deposit a thin layer of hydrogels on the surface of nanoshells designed to absorb infrared light and generate heat to destroy tumors. When heated by the nanoshells, these special hydrogels lose their water content and any drugs trapped within, creating a formidable one-two punch.
Cancer discovery links experimental vaccine and biological treatment A new study has linked two seemingly unrelated cancer treatments that are both now being tested in clinical trials. One treatment is a vaccine that targets a structure on the outside of cancer cells, while the other is an altered enzyme that breaks apart RNA and causes the cell to commit suicide. The new understanding could help both approaches.
Cancers caught during screening colonoscopy are more survivable Patients whose colorectal cancer is detected during a screening colonoscopy are likely to survive longer than those who wait until they have symptoms before having the test.
Nanospheres shield chemo drugs, safely release high doses in response to tumor secretions Scientists coated nanospheres of the anti-cancer drug paclitaxel with a peptide shell that shields the drug as it travels through the circulatory system. When the nanosphere reaches a cancerous tumor, enzymes that enable metastasis slice open the shell to release the drug. The targeted delivery allowed them to safely give mice 16 times the maximum tolerated dose of the clinical formulation of paclitaxel and halted the growth of cancerous tumors.

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